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It's not unusual to poke around the internet looking for articles that review top choices in tax preparation software and find the TurboTax brand standing out from the crowd. This top tier presence that continually shows a dominance in market share for brand use and satisfaction is quite frankly "very accurate". But, is it really heads and tails above the rest, and is it a good choice for you as the new 2018 tax season starts to roll around?

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Fact be told, TurboTax 2018 editions offer one of the most thorough tax software product lines on the market today. The purpose of this is to offer choices to consumers that will meet there needs without going overboard and causing confusion with programs that offer too broad of a range of abilities. This more selective targeting that TurboTax offers with their diverse tax preparation products offers several advantages including:

  • Software programs are targeted to special needs so that unnecessary tax preparation screens are not wasting the time and effort of their users.
  • Consumers can save money since the more basic the program is, the less it costs since there is not as much programmed material in the product.
  • The diverse product line allows anyone from low income on up to the very wealth to find a tax filing edition that selectively fits their tax  preparation needs.

TurboTax 2018 tax software editions are offered in two different access versions, online where you work on your return over the internet through a secure connection, or PC installed where the software is installed ion your computer.

The TurboTax 2018 Product Line Offers The Following Tax Software Versions

TurboTax Online Tax Preparation

TurboTax Download/CD Software

Free File

Free Edition

Basic Edition

Deluxe Edition

Premier Edition

Home and Business Edition

Military Member Guidance

PC Installed Software

Basic Edition

Deluxe Edition

Premier Edition

Home and Business Edition

Business Edition

Now it's easy to see that these choices are plentiful compared to other software brands, but what's not clear is their ability to program each one of these offerings with a selective interview process that simplifies tax preparation for these targeted users.

For example, here is the basic targeting that each edition covers

  • The TurboTax Free File Edition is a cooperation with TurboTax and the IRS to provide free tax filing to lower income consumers that  have simple 1040 returns.
    • Note: many other software brands participate in this IRS Free File program.
  • The TurboTax Basic Edition adds import capabilities to allow consumers to automatically import financial program data as well as w2 and 1099 entries.
    • Import from Quicken, QuickBooks, some brokerage firms, payroll providers
  • The TurboTax Deluxe Edition searches through hundreds of deductions to find any that you may be able to qualify for to lower your tax bill.
  • The TurboTax Premier Edition addresses the investor with support for income like rental properties, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and self employed.
  • The TurboTax  Home and Business Edition offers support personal taxes as well as for single-member LLC, sole-proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractors, small businesses that prepare W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for employees or contractors.
  • TurboTax Business Edition is designed for filers that have S or C Corporations, partnerships, estates & trusts that require more detailed business support.
  • The TurboTax Military Edition is designed to help Armed Force Personnel take advantages of special deductions set up just for them, and to prepare and file their returns for little or no cost depending on their rank and service status.

Why TurboTax 2018 Carries A Top Tier Rating

It really has not been that long since the overwhelming view of tax preparation was depicted by the thought of being surrounded in a mound of paperwork, several pencils, endless tax forms, and a calculator. While some consumers still tackle this tedious task in that old school manner, those who have used tax software in recent years know that there is a much more efficient and beneficial way to prepare their tax returns.

TurboTax 2018 tax preparation programs today are designed specifically to simplify the process by guiding you each step of the way, all while searching for tax breaks that you can qualify for. The most widely used tax software brand has been TurboTax year-after-year.

Our TurboTax Review discloses several factors that keep the TurboTax Brand at the top of the charts for consumer sales every year, and 2018 is no exception. Along with the step-by-step guidance, TurboTax also targets tax deductions, audit risk reduction, and with the online editions you don't have to pay until your return is filed, "Satisfaction Guaranteed!.

TurboTax 2018 also provides special tax preparation for military personnel, as well as industry targeted tax preparation support for small businesses owners.

Intuit "the TurboTax parent company" continually stays on top of innovation with all their products, and TurboTax is no exception. A few other income and tax support products produced through the Intuit Corporation include Quickbooks Accounting Software and Quicken Personal Finance Software.

Our Review Puts TurboTax 2018 Tax Software To The Test for Function and Navigation

Depending on your preference, TurboTax offers two versions for tax preparation, the first is online tax preparation, and the second is download or CD PC desktop installation software. Visit these pages to see what the advantages of each one of these formats offers.

As you can see by our screen shot, the user interface offers a nice well organized layout where you can see what's going on overall as you proceed thru the tax preparation process. If the edition you chose does not cover some of your needs, TurboTax 2018 will prompt you to upgrade.

In this layout it is easy to move around using simple navigation that allows you to visit different areas of the tax preparation process at will. This is nice especially if you think of something that you need to change and don't want to forget about it while working in a different section.

The top right area of the screen allows you to select tax forms, access the print center, or visit the help center to get answers to questions that pop up at anytime. With access to the help center conveniently provided throughout the tax preparation process, you can spend less time searching for answers and more time preparing your return. A time saving feature that keeps you on track instead of stumbling around aimlessly.

Now over and above the simple help center button there is the rightmost vertical column on each screen "other than for some explanation guides", that provides you a connection to the TurboTax community where common folk answer tax questions that other tax filers have asked. You can see the answers to these questions, or ask one yourself and get answers from other TurboTax users. You may also chip in with your expertise.

The TurboTax 2018 Tabbed Main Menu

A tabbed menu at the top of  the page offers direct linking to the general sections for tax preparation and filing including"

  • Personal Information: where you will enter your identification data
  • Federal Taxes: where you prepare your  federal tax  return
  • State Taxes: where you prepare your state tax return
  • Review: where you will review your returns before filing
  • File: where you will submit your return to the IRS and your state government

These tabs make it easy to jump around and work on different sections as you feel the need, a great option when something pops into your head and you want to enter it right away so that you don't forget about.

Starting The TurboTax Tax Preparation Process

As you start the tax preparation application, TurboTax searches for a previous years tax return that you may have prepared the year before. It can also transfer a previous year's tax data from competitor programs like H&R Block At Home and TaxACT, which allows tax filers to switch easily from another vendor's product they may not have been satisfied with.

Transferring data like last year's W-2 employers and 1099 issuers along with names, dates of birth,  addresses, Social Security numbers and tax form data is done in seconds as it is accurately inserted into the correct areas of your current tax filing process. This greatly speeds up the tax preparation process and insured better accuracy by avoiding typos.

Below the tabs you find a topic subsection menu where each subsection guides you through a particular area for entering specific tax return data related to determining your financial outcome with good old Uncle Sam. This area allows you to enter all those digits related to your income and tax breaks that are used to calculate your final tax liability.

This secondary menu offers quick navigation that includes:

  • Wages and Income: where you enter all sources of your taxable income
  • Deductions and Credits: where you claim your tax deductions and credits
  • Other Tax Situations: where additional data is entered for unique tax issues
  • Federal Review: overview for reviewing your  federal tax return
  • Error Check: this automatically checks for errors that may have been made

If your an experienced tax filer and understand which forms you need to complete in the tax preparation process, you can skip the hand holding and go directly to the Forms view. here you can select the forms you need and get right to the task of completing them instead of going step-by-step through a lot of formatting that doesn't relate to you.

Regardless of how you proceed, the tax preparation process is quite self-explanatory, and if you get stuck you can quickly type your question into the Turbo Tax Community help box and get helpful support to help you keep moving forward on the tax filing process. This is a great tool that keep you from wasting time in confusion.

TurboTax 2018 Health Care Guidance

TurboTax also offers valuable guidance in more complex areas, such as the new Obamacare Healthcare Coverage Tax Credit in their TurboTax Online Health Care Hub where you can get answers on how new tax laws in this area effect you. They also offer a quick health care calculator to see if you qualify for a health care subsidy.

Overview Ratings TurboTax 2018 Tax Preparation Review

TurboTax designed their product to be user friendly and I must say that they have done a great job. For my tax filing needs I found the tax return preparation process to be straight forward and very easy to follow. I am self-employment and all my expenses including a home office and office expenses were handled correctly and efficiently.

Support Venues
Upgrade Capabilities
Ease of Use
Design and Navigation
Comparative Price Rating

Every year Intuit's TurboTax products lead that sales charts with the largest number of users. This domination in the consumer tax software market has not faded in any way. In fact, TurboTax seems to be constantly becoming a more dominant force every year. This is a token to the fact that this company invests a lot of money, time and effort into making sure it provides top quality products.

As you saw in our product list above, there is a large variety in boxed retail editions, download software, and CD's, as well as online formats. This should insure that it won't be difficult for anyone to find the right product to fit their needs.

If for some reason during the process of preparing your return you find that you need additional capabilities not offered in the product you chose, you can always upgrade at anytime and all your forward progress will be transferred to the new edition.

For Hassle Free Tax Filing, Choose TurboTax 2018!