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TurboTax 2019 Tax Programs
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The tax season always brings a bit of anxiety to many of us and this is normal. However, there really is no need to get all worked up with top tax software choices available today to make sure your tax preparation task is stress free.

Turbo Tax has become a symbol of trusted names that people turn to when it's time for to prepare their income tax returns. It's popularity withstands the  test of time because it guides you thru the task making it easy to enter your data and calculate the amount of money that you will either receive as a tax refund, or god forsake, have to pay to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes owed. Guidance here is always helpful!.

Overall, TurboTax should be your first choice when choosing your tax software because it helps you to maximize your deductions based on the information that you provide in order to keep your tax bill down. Keeping more of your hard earned mullah is nice!

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TurboTax 2019 Release Dates (for tax year 2018)

TurboTax 2018 release dates for the 2019 tax return filing deadline is scheduled for release in November. For those who use the online versions to prepare their taxes on the internet, you can log into your existing TurboTax account or create a new once if you do not have an active account by going to the online website goto/turbotax-online. This years dates are 11-12-18 for desktop software and 11-28-18 for online filing.

You can also create a new account if you haven’t used TurboTax before. If you typically use the traditional boxed versions of Basic, Deluxe, Premier or Home & Business, then you can login to the online account here > goto/turbotax-software and get your software delivered to you at your preferred mailing address. If you’re new to TurboTax, you can also give it a try in the new year for free before you buy.

TurboTax Annual Scheduled Release Dates

TurboTax users can typically expect the new year versions to be released in mid November to mid December annually in the United States and in mid December to mid January for Canadian Tax Software Versions. In general the release  schedule will usually show the online editions becoming available about two weeks prior to the boxed versions and retail outlet distribution.

These are Expected TurboTax Release Dates and variables do apply due to tax law changes that sometimes slow down tax software development.

TurboTax 2019 TaxCaster Tax Calculator

TurboTax offers a tax calculator the you can use online, or as a downloadable Smartphone app. This handy tool is called the TurboTax TaxCaster. Is is a great tool to help you keep up to date on your tax debt all year long.

There are some great advantages to staying on top of income tax liabilities by knowing where you stand with Uncle Sam.

  • First, you will be more prepared to meet your income tax payment obligations when you know in advance what they are.
  • Second, If you know what is deductible, you can make better efforts to lower your tax bill and make those adjustments with the TurboTax TaxCaster.

Important Tax lowering deductions to be aware of:

  • Charitable contributions and donations can be tax deductible.
  • Child care and dependant deductions can yield big tax benefits.
  • Home mortgage, medical, and educational expensed can be deductible.

How To Order TurboTax for The 2019 Tax Season

It's easy to buy your TurboTax products online regardless of what your version preference is, should it be online tax preparation, or if you choose to download TurboTax or install from a CD. Visiting their website online should be your first stop. You can get there from here by clicking this TurboTax icon >>

Those who are TurboTax Advantage members should and will be notified by the following dates about the new releases that are offered for the new tax season:

  • September 16: Letters are sent to TurboTax advantage users notifying them to update their information by 10/21.
  • October 15: email reminders go out to existing and expired customers customers reminding them to check and update any expired or expiring credit cards.
  • Reminders also go out to make any update changes to existing accounts.
  • October 29: Emails sent out notifying TurboTax Advantage customers that new year sign ups are about to be processed.
  • November 5: First credit card authorizations take place for TurboTax purchases.
  • November 6: Final date for customers to update their accounts.
  • November 11: TurboTax CD's get shipped out to existing customers.
  • November 14: Downloads are available for existing customers.
  • November 19: Emails are sent out for accounts with declined credit cards.

Use the TurboTax Advantage web page to sign into your account and see if your information is up to date. Also check the product you want to purchase.

Changes in TurboTax Tax Software for 2019?

Every year tax software changes  and  updates are made to make adjustments for new tax codes that have been implemented as well as existing ones that have been changed.

No dramatic changes are expected other that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act new tax laws that are new to all of us. All the same versions of TurboTax will still be available for tax preparation including online versions (Free Edition, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, and Military) as well as the software CD desktop installation versions (Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home and Business, Business).

Nevertheless, TurboTax is a great choice again this tax season!