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TurboTax Online Tax Filing
2018 - 2019
Internet Based Tax Preparation

Filing your taxes over the internet with TurboTax Online Tax Preparation products compared to using TurboTax Desktop Software versions for PC computer installation is no doubt less cumbersome since you don't have to go thru the installation process that can at times fail or conflict with other programs that are already on your computer. You don't have to worry about updates either since online products are updated immediately as tax laws change and TurboTax programmers implement these changes into the programs.

One of the biggest advantages is the TurboTax Online Free Edition that is not available in a PC desktop version. This edition is a simple no frills format for basic 1040 - 1040ez tax preparation and includes free efile.

Because TurboTax Online Tax Filing requires no software installation, it does not change anything on your computer and you use it over the internet thru a secure connection with an Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

TurboTax Online Editions Work With Both Windows and Mac Based PC's

TurboTax Free Online Edition
TurboTax Basic Online Edition
TurboTax Deluxe Online Edition
TurboTax Premier Online Edition
TurboTax Home and Business Online
TurboTax Business Online Edition
TurboTax Military Online Edition

TurboTax Online Tax Preparation has its defining advantages for simplicity.

With TurboTax online tax preparation, you can work on your income tax return whenever you want, where ever you have a computer with an internet connection. Compare that to tax software installed on your hard drive, if you don't have a laptop computer, you can obviously only work on your taxes at home or where ever your computer happens to be located. TurboTax Online is convenient if you need to work on your return from different locations.

TurboTax Online interferes with you less since it is updated automatically on the file server that hosts the software, so you never get pop-ups prompting you to perform time wasting updates that can be tedious and very interruptive to your tax preparation process.

However, online tax filers should be careful using public computers, such as those found in coffee shops or libraries. If you must use a public computer to prepare your tax return, be entirely sure that the network you are on is not being monitored by another computer, and make sure you log off and close the browser window prior to leaving the computer so that no one using the computer after you can access to your account.

How TurboTax Online Tax Preparation Simplifies Your Tax Filing Experience And Allows You To Prepare Your Tax Return Stress Free

With TurboTax the number one selling online tax preparation brand on the market today, you can work from any online computer to prepare your tax return in one sitting, or come back several times whenever you can to complete your return as you have the time.

Never worry about loosing all your tax preparation progress because of a computer glitch or crash. With TurboTax Online, all your progress is save for you as you progress so that if there is a problem with your your internet connection or your computer, all your work will be waiting for you when you get your system up and running again.

Tax preparation never seems to be a time I look forward to but, using the right product makes it a much more enjoyable experience. The TurboTax suite of online tax filing programs are so well formatted that all the guess work is gone, shortening the time needed to complete the filing process.

There is never any need to back up your tax data since TurboTax Online saves your data while you work and when you log out, and it maintains secure, encrypted copies of all your tax data in at least two separate physical locations to ensure that your data is not lost due to natural disasters and other unforeseen interruptions.

The TurboTax Online Data Security is top notch with the same type of security that is used by financial institutions for protecting and encrypting files, so rest assured, your protected.

With online tax filing your tax returns are saved electronically, but you can also download and save copies of your tax returns on your computer if you want to keep copies for yourself for long term backup and review.

By filing your taxes online, you create a permanent electronic record should you need it for use in the future. If a questions come from previous years, you will not have to dig through stacks of paper or filing cabinets. Instead, you can retrieve the information with your computer and get to your data right away without hassle.

File Returns Instantly and Get Your Refund Fast With TurboTax Online

With TurboTax Online Tax Filing when your done, your done! Just efile your return with the Internal Revenue Service and get an acknowledgement that they have received it. No need to worry about the post office loosing your mail.

You can also get Faster Refunds from the IRS when filing your taxes online. By using the “Direct Deposit” option you will receive your refund faster. Your tax refund will be deposited directly into your bank account so you can use that money immediately. There are many advantages to filing taxes online, If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend you do!.